February 20, 2021

Family Trip to North Wisconsin

Last summer, we decided on a whim we needed to get away.  I had lots of cancellations and my husband’s small construction business was at a standstill due to a lumber shortage.  So, it was the right time to just have a little escape.  We were really concerned about Covid, so wanted to be able to drive and stay away from people.  We ended up going up to North Wisconsin along the shore of Lake Superior.  I found a little small town motel on a small lake about 20 minutes from Lake Superior, which turned out to be perfect for us.  We had the pool to ourselves and the kids could eat their breakfast on the dock before we went out exploring.  It was such a fun trip for us!  We went hiking at state parks, had lots of picnics, and drove up to the Duluth area for rock hunting.  Highlights were the Amnicon Falls State Park and Wisconsin Point with it’s beautiful restored sand dunes.  I didn’t do the best at documenting the whole trip with my camera, but here’s some of our rockhunting in Duluth and hiking at Amnicon Falls.

He’ll be annoyed I included a picture of him, but it’s rare I manage to capture a real candid smile of his.

Cain’s hair was at peak surfer style last summer.

Rock hunting is Ryan’s happy place.

Lake Superior is so beautiful!

I felt like we were out at a national park out west.  It was so beautiful at these state parks and lots of family friendly trails.