June 9, 2020

Spring 2020 | Backyard Adventures and a Day Trip to Pella

What a weird spring we had.  I found myself unemployed, so I tried to make myself pick up my camera more to document my family.  I have to admit, it’s really hard for me to want to photograph stuff when I’m not working. But, I keep being reminded how quickly my babies are growing so every photo is worth it!  Because my husband and I both work with the public, we took social distancing very seriously so…it was a tough time as a parent.  But, this has been a magical time in it’s own right.  We have never had this much uninterrupted family time.  What a blessing in the midst of uncertainty!  So here’s some moments in our backyard, and a mid week impromptu trip I took last month to get out of the house to see what would have been Pella’s Tulip Festival.

My husband builds decks for a living, and he built ours a couple years ago.  Underneath, he has built shelves and a little toolbench/kitchen for the kids to play near their sandbox that’s attached at the base of the deck.  Here’s Evie making a magical potion:

This was supposed to be documenting Cain running and laughing, but the sight of my camera made him cry so…this is the result.

Tulip Festival!

My kids dress themselves and I always love the outfits Evie puts together.  Teddy bear tucked in the top of the dress completes her ensemble.

Sometimes I do trick him into smiling for me!

These were Cain’s favorite tulips because they looked like tigers.

For two kids that had only been out of the house to go for a neighborhood walk or local hike, this was the perfect adventure for them!