October 20, 2016

Fall Family Fun at Sass Family Farm | Iowa City Photographer

I have to share this pumpkin patch with you that we went to for some family time last weekend.  It’s only 15 minutes from our house in Lone Tree and I was so pleasantly surprised by how much stuff there was to do!  Sass Family Farm is located just off of Hwy 218 south of Riverside.

On Sunday, I spent the morning recovering from my wedding hangover (this is a real thing for wedding photographers! 12 hours of adrenaline will do that to you.) and after lunch we decided to try out Sass Family Farm to see what the fuss was about.  First off, the only thing that costs you money is the $5 hayrack ride and, obviously, any pumpkins and produce you purchase.  Everything else is just for your enjoyment and there is so much to enjoy!  There’s a collection of playground equipment for kids to play on, a corn maze, petting zoo, “haunted” barn, and bounce house.  

We started out looking at all of the farm animals since Evie is such an animal lover.  She loved seeing sheep, goats, cows and spent quite a bit of time trying to call them over to the fence.  After that, she tried the bounce house.  She didn’t really understand the concept but was pretty mad when Ryan had to grab her so we could move on.  How embarrassing, Dad! 

We decided to pass on the corn maze this year, imagining a toddler meltdown while being trapped, but it looked really neat and I can’t wait to be able to do that when she is older.  (Note: I have very few photos of me and Evie together with both of us looking…my husband doesn’t have my same tricks!)

The petting zoo was by far Evie’s favorite part.  They had tons of different birds-geese, chickens, peacocks which Evie is pretty obsessed with right now so that was a huge hit.  I just love this photo of her conversation with a chicken!
After our adventures, we browsed the country store and antique shop and picked out some fun fall produce.  They have a huge selection of gourds, pumpkins and apples – but remember to bring cash!