May 9, 2016

Family Photographer Iowa City | Genevieve turns 8 months old

As a family photographer in Iowa City, springtime brings me so much joy.  The long Iowa winter is over, and everything is in full bloom!  The Iowa City area has so many blooming trees and bushes, it’s hard to not find a great location for your family photo session.  Genevieve just turned eight months old at the end of April (excuse me while I go cry about that) and our backyard was no exception to spring’s show.  We recently purchased our first home last July in Lone Tree (while I was 8 months pregnant, I might add) and one our favorite things about our house is all of the beautiful, flowering bushes in our yard!  We have huge azalea and lilac bushes that are absolutely gorgeous.  Both were blooming for Genevieve’s session, so we had some variety to go with all of her cheesy smiles.  Grandma was visiting and it was warm out, so I took advantage of the help to coax Evie’s playfulness out of her.   Grandma and Gerber Puffs for some minor bribing helps things go smoothly.

With yesterday being my first Mother’s Day, I’m realizing how important all of these photos I am capturing are.  She is changing so much!  A few days after our 8 month session, her first tooth popped through, so now her grins are even more adorable.  Although, look at that face!  It’s hard to beat that (I may be just a little biased). Now that she is getting older, she loves getting her picture taken!  I love being able to interact with her and watch her face light up as I play peekaboo with my lens or make a silly animal noise.  Much different than her early days of dad coming home from work to both of us crying while I tried to take her picture.  Isn’t motherhood great!?

Take advantage of the warm weather and get your family photographs updated!  The scenery seems to change every day, so don’t miss out on the beautiful backdrops Spring is giving us.  To schedule your family photo session in the Iowa City area, contact me here.

Headwrap from Lindsey’s Stitchins which is run by a local mama in North Liberty.


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