July 12, 2022

Family Photos in Iowa

Summertime is the perfect season for family photos in Iowa.  The sun just seems extra glowy, you know?  Don’t get me wrong, I am a lover of fall, but the warm weather and beautiful light of summer sometimes is just what we need.

I was so excited when Alex asked me to photograph her family.  Alex and Mike were my very first wedding I ever photographed as Danielson Photography, and now they are raising two beautiful girls in our hometown.  It is so much fun watching my clients’ families grow and change.  And can you even get over how cute Penny and Lainey are? Penny is a little firecracker, which is a trait I love in kids.  As you can see, she is a girl on the move!  Her little sister, Lainey, was along for the ride but something tells me once she is walking she will be just as energetic so she can keep up with her big sister.  My own experience with my kids is they don’t stay chill for long.

We took these family photos in Iowa back in my hometown of Rockford, at the Fossil Park & Prairie Preserve. This is a great nature park that we all grew up visiting all the time, so it was a great location for their family photos.  Alex brought along a quilt she inherited from her late great aunt.  I love when clients incorporate meaningful items in their pictures.  It is such an easy way to keep reminders of family heritage around.

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