May 18, 2022

First Trip Around The Sun Birthday Theme

My youngest and last baby turned one in April.  We had a first trip around the sun birthday theme for his  party at the house.  He’s such a beam of sunshine in our household that it made perfect sense.  He is one of the most curious and aware babies I’ve ever seen.  He really just understands everyone in our wild house.  He is brave and daring, sweet and cuddly, silly and playful.  He balances his big sister’s cautiousness and his big brother’s seriousness.  He brings out the cheerful side in all of us.  We are just so lucky that Vincent came to our family.

I had a great time putting together a few decorations for our little get together, including a space themed hand-painted poster for the cake table.  I used the chipboard from my Diet Coke boxes in the recycling, some craft paint and hot glue and I love how it turned out!  I had much grander visions for more decorations but I didn’t start until the day before the party soooo….one poster is what we got.

The cake was grabbed from the cooler at Costco and let me just say, it was delicious.  I had purchased some rice paper planet decorations for the first trip around the sun birthday theme from A Cake to Remember on Etsy, so it worked best to just have a simple base cake.