April 13, 2017

Genevieve 18 months | North Liberty family photographer

Confession time.  I’m terrible at staying on top of milestone sessions for my own child.  You would think as a North Liberty family photographer, that I would have everything done right on schedule.  Our busy lives keep us trucking along and before you know it…she turned 18 months two months ago.  Soooo, this is more of her 19/20 month photos.  Taken on separate days.  Because my child doesn’t like to cooperate with mommy so I was hoping round two would result in more smiles.  It didn’t.  But I still love these portraits so much.  It captures Genevieve’s budding independence and attitude.  She is starting to develop some fierce personality traits, and I’m so glad I have pictures to prove she was always like this for when she’s out changing the world someday. But it also reminds me just how fast she is growing up!  It’s so important to have our kids professionally photographed throughout their childhood, because our lives get busy and they grow faster than we realize.

Being a North Liberty family photographer, I’ve photographed so many corridor area families and the number one common theme during all family sessions is: mom worrying about her kids cooperating.  I promise you, no child sits perfectly still and smiles for the camera.  Even my daughter, who has been photographed by me since only an hour old, doesn’t want to look at the camera.  But there is something so authentic about these kinds of sessions.  I work really hard to get at least a couple smiley frames, but it’s those in between moments that their personality is really captured.  The way they kind of roll their eyes when they are tired of sitting there, or scrunch their eyebrows instead of showing us a good smile.  Something tells me the expressions will be similar as they get ready for their first school dance, or get told the rules before you let them borrow the car for the night, or as they try to answer your questions about what colleges they will be applying to.  So let’s enjoy these silly moments between the smiles.  It all goes by so fast!  To schedule your kiddo’s milestone session before it passes too quickly, visit the Contact Page to get in touch!