July 4, 2016

Happy 4th of July!  | Eastern Iowa Family Photography

Happy 4th of July from Danielson Photography!  Being an Eastern Iowa family photography staple, I love the changing seasons for the different vibes they bring to each photography session.  Summer sessions have such a bright feel to them, which matches my daughter Genevieve’s personality, so I was really looking forward to taking pictures this year.  It just so happens that my daughter, Genevieve’s, 10-month birthday is a week before the fourth of July, so we went with an all American theme to remember this time of year.  As you can see from her session, she is curious, observant, crawling everywhere and recently discovered a deep love for graham crackers.  She is such a little goofball and gets so much joy from making us all laugh.

You may have noticed that she is a bit messy in most of her pictures.  I normally edit out the crumbs and messes from little ones’ sessions, but since she is my own, I decided to leave the mess.  I love that her little crumb covered mouth and sweet potato stained shirt represent our everyday life right now.  It made me realize I should leave some of those imperfections more often as a family photographer.  Life goes by so quickly, so documenting each of these fleeting stages is so, so, so important.  Even the crumb-y, gooey, sticky stage!

Eastern Iowa is such a great place for a family during the summer.  This weekend, we have Iowa City Jazz Fest, Cedar Rapids Freedom Fest and the Coralville 4th of July Carnival to keep us busy.  As an Eastern Iowa family photographer, I am so happy to see all of these events for families.  It’s so important to have wonderful community events to take our kids to.  And they offer up some great photo opportunities as well!