October 31, 2016

Happy Halloween from Danielson Photography | Iowa City Photographer

HAPPY HALLOWEEN!  Today is my second favorite holiday, right behind Christmas, and it is so much fun with a little one around.  It’s no secret that I love fall.  The vibrant colors, the crisp air, sweaters and boots.  I’m an October baby, the pure definition of a Libra (new zodiac calendar be damned), and this time of year makes me all kinds of happy.  October is my favorite month, so I’m in a slight state of mourning with November knocking on my door but I just have to share some of our Halloween fun.

I went home yesterday for my hometown’s trick or treat night.  It was Evie’s first time trick or treating!  Last year she was only 2 months old, so she had much more fun yesterday.  She chose her costume over a month ago and has been practicing her elephant noise diligently.  We started the night at my parent’s neighbor Doris’ house.  She is my honorary grandma, always waiting with cookies and lemonade on my summertime bike rides.  She even came with me to Grandparents Day in preschool.  She was so excited to see Genevieve in her costume! 

 Aunt Sabrina joined in the fun by dressing up, too.  It took Genevieve a bit to warm up to the idea of performing for strangers, but by the time we made it to my high school band teacher’s house, she was ready to prove those future brass playing chops.  Maybe my old trombone will be put to use again someday? 


Working on her elephant noise and taking a little break between houses.  

She hasn’t quite figured out the candy part, yet.  

Tonight we did trick or treat in Lone Tree.  She started out in her ladybug costume, but was ready to go back to the elephant by the time it was time to head out.  We were waiting for Daddy to get home literally in the driveway because she was just so excited!

“Show me your teeth!”