January 5, 2019

Iowa Boudoir Photographer | Danielson Photography

Working as an Iowa boudoir photographer is one of the most rewarding aspects of my business. I’m totally in love with this genre. I’ve dubbed this offshoot of my brand “The Divine Feminine” as I continue to hone my craft and build a business that empowers women. My mission is to encourage women to embrace our femininity and all the divine power that comes from it. The subject matter is fairly private for most of my clients, so you don’t see me post often about it. Buuuut, my friend Alison was super sweet and allowed me to use her images for a blog post. So here’s the blog post!

These give you a feel for the studio space I use at Little Lights on Main in West Branch. As you can see, tons of natural light and a homey setting help keep these portraits classy. She kept things casual, opting for doing her own makeup and hair, and I love that these showcase her raw, natural beauty. A mother, health advocate, and business owner, she proves you can take time to make yourself feel beautiful and sexy!

In an upcoming post, I’ll explain more in depth about the experience of a boudoir session with me. In the meantime, enjoy these images of Alison embracing her Divine Feminine!

Are you interested in working with an Iowa boudoir photographer for your own unforgettable, empowering experience?  Contact me here to learn more about what to expect and to get on the schedule.