September 1, 2020

Iowa Covid Wedding in Cedar Rapids

How does one host an Iowa covid wedding?  Like Karen and Tony! They were so thoughtful in precautions while moving forward with their rescheduled date in July.  I think every couple planning a wedding in the midst of our pandemic can take some lessons from them!

Lesson 1: Accept that some things are just out of your control.

Maybe I only saw them at their best, but Karen and Tony were always cool as a cucumber as the uncertainty of Covid surrounded their wedding planning.  They made the tough decision to push back their spring wedding date to July, and then made another tough choice to go ahead with the rescheduled date.  They knew some people wouldn’t be able to come and they just accepted it for the sake of being able to move forward as a married couple.

Lesson 2: Encourage masks!

As you can see from photos with guests, there was almost 100% compliance of mask use at this wedding.  It was mandatory at the church and venue, though I have begun to see enforcement isn’t always followed through.  The important thing to remember is your guests will follow your lead.  If they see the married couple hosting in masks, they will be more likely to keep their mask on, too.  This is especially important during the reception when people start getting more loose and friendly.  You CAN have a safe dance floor if everyone is wearing their mask and spreading out if possible.  *This is also really important to keep in mind with all of your wedding vendors!  We are under contract with multiple weddings and need to be as careful as possible so we can serve all of our couples.

Lesson 3: Focus on the important part. Getting married!

This is not what anybody envisioned when planning their dream wedding.  It isn’t fair. Let yourself be sad and angry about it.  Then remember to focus on what is most important right now, which is marrying each other.  Even if nobody could come to your wedding, at the end of the day, all that matters is that you are married.

Keeping your guests in the loop, encouraging masks and frequent hand sanitizing will help make your Iowa covid wedding be as smooth as possible. Contact Barb for more guidance in moving forward with your wedding planning by clicking here.  Now, let’s enjoy some highlights from this gorgeous wedding day!