July 7, 2022

Iowa City Family Photographer

Being an Iowa City family photographer has been such a fun gig this summer!  Summertime is the perfect time to update family pictures.  The weather is warm, the light is golden, and the setting is ideal for your family to let loose and be themselves.  Here’s a good example with the Hartley family enjoying my backyard sprinkler earlier this year. 

You have probably noticed that I’m usually posting weddings, not families.  But since Covid, my wedding bookings have slowed and family sessions have naturally picked up to replace weddings.  It is not at all where I imagined my business going but I am absolutely loving becoming the go-to Iowa City family photographer.  This year was the first time in three years I got to spend the 4th of July with my family.  We get to go camping on the weekends.  I absolutely love photographing weddings, and will continue to do so, but I’m really enjoying this.

Meet the Bileks!  With SIX kids, there is no shortage of chaos in their house.  But most of all, it is full of lots of love and laughs.  These kids were so great!  Can you believe they all cooperated so well for their pictures?  I am so glad their mom prioritized getting them all in front of the camera.  This summer is probably their craziest yet, and it will never be like this again.  You have to take the opportunities to document your family just as they are in this moment.

Side note: can you believe mom did such a good job coordinating outfits for eight people??

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