July 21, 2016

Little Miss Paisley | Iowa City Newborn Photographer

One of my biggest joys is photographing newborn babies.  There is nothing more sweet than a brand new baby.  The fuzzy hair, the flaky skin, the fresh smell.  I live for it!  I’ve been doing newborn photography for a couple years, and I cannot get enough.

This beautiful newborn session is of sweet little Paisley.  She was so alert for her entire session, which was so much fun to capture. She knew there was excitement going on and she wanted to be a part of it!  As an Iowa City newborn photographer, I love seeing their little personality come through.  We did manage to get a few classic sleepy shots as well, but I secretly really love those wide-awake portraits.

People ask me how important newborn photos are and I just cannot stress it enough.  Newborn babies grow so quickly and change every day, so it is important to document that newborn baby while we can.  I recommend photographing your newborn between 5 and 14 days old (contact me even if you missed that window!), to truly capture that brand new baby-ness.  This time frame is usually after Mom’s milk has come in so baby is able to get nice and full, and they haven’t quite hit the alertness that comes along with that 2 week growth spurt.

Those early days are full of so much change and adjustment, whether it is your first baby or an addition to your growing family.  It is such a fleeting moment in a parent’s life, that is usually foggy in memory from sleep deprivation and adjusting to your new normal, so it is one of the most rewarding types of sessions that I offer.  I take care of documenting their sweet freshness, so you can enjoy their images once that baby fog finally lifts.  I also offer the extra service of bringing my equipment into your home, so you get to relax! Feel free to watch me work, or take a moment for yourself (hello shower or nap!).