December 5, 2022

Little Lights Wedding Photographer

Join me in reliving a casual wedding in West Branch, IA with Regen and Marty.  Working as a Little Lights wedding photographer has been so much fun, both to see my own growth and to see all of the changes as they continue to grow. Some of you may remember Little Lights on the Lane’s humble roots in the Hoover Building in downtown West Branch.  They have since grown into their custom built space on the west side of town, but there was something so sweet about the casual weddings that took place in their first space on Main Street.

Marty and Regen met at a young professionals group at their church.  Their first unofficial date was to MacBride State Park where they walked the trails, went to the Raptor Center, and sat by the lake. Marty even taught Regen how to properly skip rocks. On the same weekend the next year, he took her back to MacBride State Park and went to the same spot by the lake. He handed her a few rocks to skip before kneeling down and asking.  These proposal stories get me every time!  Being a Little Lights wedding photographer means I hear a lot of proposal stories and I have to say, this one is one of those good ones!  The natural area of the Herbert Hoover Park for their ceremony and photos was the perfect backdrop considering the importance of nature as their relationship grew.

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Here’s just a few faves from their wedding day: