August 3, 2020

Magic in the Desert

Last winter, I had the opportunity to go to Las Vegas with my sister for a business conference.  While the conference was super informative and helped me get some good goals on the books for Danielson Photography, I knew this trip would be important personally as well.  On my 2020 vision board, I had a scene of mountains in the desert not totally sure where the significance would lead.  So with our trip coming up, I set aside one day to rent a car and go out to hike.  I wanted to let myself explore, listen and really take in this landscape that is so foreign to what I’m used to.

A friend who lives in Vegas recommended Calico Basin and it was amazing.  The photos speak for themselves.  I was just in awe the entire time.  I also dedicated a portion of my hike to quiet meditation.  I felt fully supported by the energy of the Earth beneath me and that reminder of support has carried me through this incredibly challenging year.

When I put that picture on my vision board, I just assumed I was embracing the wanderlust within me.  My desire to explore and experience new things.  I had no idea how significant the magic in the desert would be to my spiritual and emotional development this year.  I’m excited to have another place in nature that has so much weight to it, and I can’t wait to go back again!