June 16, 2020

My Backyard Victory Garden Update #1

This year, I had lots of time on my hands and decided to dive deeper into my love of gardening.  It has always been a casual hobby of mine, but it has become a bit of a passion for me.  This really should be update 1, 2, and 3, but I didn’t do the best at documenting every stage so here is the grand update!

Last year was our first year gardening two raised beds my husband built.  You can see those below with the sandbox in the middle.  I learned a lot and enjoyed the process…but this year I was ready to expand!  He built two more garden beds for me, which I geeked out over with my garden plan grid complete with estimated planting and harvest schedule.  Our plans next year are to till up a big section of the yard for a true garden and I can’t wait!

Our son helping build the new garden boxes with dad, our daughter helping me with our first planting (can you believe it snowed after that?!), and my holy grail garden plan. 

The photos below are what my garden looked like on June 6th.  My cute little zinnias and cosmos are going to make the best bouquets this summer!  I will be so proud of our 2 year old if that plump green tomato gets to ripen fully…it is quite the temptation for him.

I’m super proud of this tunnel trellis!  I envisioned a magical garden space for our kids and will experiment more with this next year.  The peas didn’t get as tall as I thought so maybe cucumbers will be crawling up the walls with the pole beans next year.

Our evergreen lovingly named Charlie gives afternoon shade to this spinach which seems to be helping it from overheating after the planting in the raised bed didn’t germinate from getting too hot.  And the fresh herbs smell so good!

This was the only lettuce I could get to germinate in the raised bed.  I think its just too hot there. So I scrapped that plan and replaced the lettuce rows with sage to make my own sage and lavender smudge sticks.

My pea flowers arrived!

The first harvest!  Delicious bibb lettuce, spinach, thyme and chives.

Two weeks later, and I’m amazed at all the magic taking place.  Those beautiful pea flowers are becoming pods!  This is what the garden looks like as of June 15th.

Love these images showing all the stages of a pea pod forming.  Notice the flowers hanging on to the young pods?  Great teaching moment for the kids on the plant life cycle.

My trooper bibb lettuce plant has given me two hefty harvests already!  And magically another one finally sprouted up behind it.  Look at those healthy looking carrots and beautiful baby sage.

This was my first year growing sugar snap peas and I underestimated how tall they would get.  This shows the difference in two weeks of growth!

I cannot get over these bean tendrils.  It’s pure magic and I’m in total awe of the plant’s wisdom.  These tendrils have grown up and wrapped around the trellis just in the last couple days.

Thanks for geeking out with me!  I’m going to hopefully continue updating because this is so fun for me.  Share your garden pics and wisdom below!