June 28, 2020

My Backyard Victory Garden Update #2

I’m aware nobody is likely reading these garden posts on a wedding photography website, but this is just way too fun for me not to document!  As the world is aware, Covid-19 has affected us all and those of us in the event industry have found our businesses to be at a standstill.  Gardening has become my way of reconnecting to nature, deepening my spirituality and diving deeper into a simpler way of life that nourishes my soul.  I’ve also harvested almost 5 lbs of food and our family is amazed at how much more delicious it tastes than what we buy in the store.

Seeing my hard work come to fruition right before my eyes is so satisfying.  I love seeing what works and what doesn’t, what needs to be improved for next year, what I hope to never do again.  My garden is focused on everyday veggies, herbs and cut flowers for arrangements.  I also am learning more about herbal medicine, so have been foraging from the backyard and growing calendula to use in healing salves for my family.  And I have a beautiful patch of sage to make my own smudge sticks!

Zinnias are my favorite annual.  I had a little patch last year and it was so prolific with blooms that I had fresh flowers in the house all summer.  I planted a row of these in my tomato box and the first bloom opened today!  First photo was taken on 6/25 and the bottom one 6/28.

Look at all those little happy tomato babies!

This guy from last update is almost ready to be picked!  My boxes are really crowded which I think is what’s causing all the yellowing leaves on my tomato plants.  Just not enough airflow.  But the plants are FULL of tomatoes so if you know good pasta sauce recipes or tips for canning, give me all the advice!

Look at that beautiful broccoli!

So, I definitely underestimated how tall the snap peas would get.  Beginner’s mistake.  Next year, this will be crawling up the trellis tunnel.  I’ve gotten three nice harvests from these guys already and there are still new blooms coming despite it’s toppled situation.  And these snap peas are soooo good. We just eat them fresh straight off the vine.

I have a spot bare spot in the garden that keeps getting dug up from something.  My chamomile didn’t germinate.  So I grabbed a cucumber plant from the greenhouse the other day just to see if we could get any.  In three days they have tripled in size! You can see the difference between the picture I took right after planting to this afternoon.

I envision having a magical secret garden type space for the kids to play in, and this trellis tunnel is phase one.  Pole beans on one side, peas on the other.

My garden helpers.

First bean flowers and my sweet little Evie flower, sparkle skirt and purse as usual.

This is the pout I get when I tell him not to pull on the plants.

Butter lettuce on the left that has been super prolific! I have fresh salads every day.  On the right is my calendula beginning to bloom!  I’m harvesting the flowers to use in healing salve.

This dark opal basil was a “just for fun” purchase and it’s so beautiful!