July 13, 2016

North Iowa Wedding, Mike and Alex | Iowa Wedding Photographer

As an Iowa wedding photographer, I photograph all over the state, including north Iowa where I grew up.  I’ve known Mike and Alex for a very long time.  We all grew up in the little town of Rockford, IA and although I graduated in an older class than both of them, you get to know everyone in our tiny school.  Alex and I became friends working on the school yearbook together.  Mike and Alex began dating in high school, and I was so honored when Alex asked me to photograph their wedding years later.  I have a soft spot for high school sweethearts (my parents are going strong after almost 40 years!).  There is something so beautiful about a couple that is able to mature through their adult life together from the very beginning.  These two truly are best friends and were so excited to finally be married to each other.  As you can see from the photographs, they could not stop smiling the entire day.

Alex and Mike’s wedding was beyond gorgeous with so many handmade touches throughout the day.  Alex made all of the decorations herself and specialty flavored butter for favors with the help of her family and soon-to-be in-laws.  The wedding was truly a labor of love between the families and their heritage was celebrated with family heirlooms whenever possible.  From grandmother’s jewelry to an amazing display of all of the wedding dresses of Alex and Mike’s mothers and grandmothers at the reception, this was a true celebration of family.

Their wedding was at the end of July right in the thick of a hot Iowa summer and I was 36 weeks pregnant.  My husband was doing more schlepping of gear than second shooting as I was crossing my fingers that my water didn’t break in the middle of the vows.  (My baby girl came a week overdue, so I didn’t need to worry!)  This was my last job before the baby was coming and I poured my heart into it knowing it would be a few months before I would be working with clients again.  These two have the sweetest families who did everything they could to make sure I was comfortable throughout the day.  I seriously have the best clients ever!

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