December 21, 2016

Our Family Vacation // Iowa City Family Photographer

We just got back from a one week beach vacation in North Redington Beach, Florida.  It was absolutely perfect.  We weren’t sure how it was going to go with a one year old on vacation, but Genevieve LOVED the ocean.  She pointed and asked to go to the “wa” multiple times a day.  She didn’t even care that it was the temperature of melting ice caps!  She just plopped right down and started digging.  And could she have been any more adorable while doing so?!?! 
I just can’t handle a baby in a swimsuit.  It should be outlawed to be that cute.  Just look at all those cute pudgy legs and arms!  This was the perfect age to introduce her to the ocean.  Talk about hours of entertainment.  She was definitely a beach babe.  
Evie loved feeling independent when I let her walk on her own to explore (by alone, I mean I was 5 feet behind her and pretended I wasn’t watching when she looked back.)  Miss Independent felt so proud to walk the beach. 
We stayed at the Coral Shores Resort, in my parents’ timeshare.  They weren’t able to make the trip this year with mom’s recovery, so they offered it to us.  They purchased their timeshare when I was in preschool.  It’s one of my favorite places in the world!  Their unit is right on the ocean with picture windows overlooking the Gulf.  Below is the view out the window from the dining table.  It’s so amazing to take 10 steps out of the condo and be on the beach. 
The last couple days were pretty chilly, but we still enjoyed the beach.  It was snowing back home, so we weren’t about to miss out on any ocean time!  We even let Evie get in the hot tub on the last day since it was too cold to go in the pool or ocean.  She was such a trooper the whole trip, from the plane rides, to the strangers trying to befriend her (apparently it’s a southern thing), to following our rules to be safe by the water.  And she passed out by 7 almost every night, which is pretty crazy for our night owl.  I can’t wait to go back!!!