February 23, 2016

Sanity and Motherhood

Baby Evie at 4.5 months (because my “monthly” sessions get a little spaced out)

“Always blog regularly.”  I hear this advice constantly from all of my colleagues, mentors and continuing education platforms.  And yet, I do not blog regularly.  I struggled for a couple years to get a post up once a month or so.  And then….I had a baby.  For my sanity, I sometimes (usually) don’t do laundry.  For my sanity, I sometimes (usually) eat frozen pizza for dinner.  For my sanity, I do not blog.

When I was counting down the days to my due date, I had big plans.  I would be able to leave my day job finally to do this photography business while staying home with baby!  I was going to start every morning with meditation and yoga.  When my baby calmly woke up, I would blissfully breastfeed until she was content to sit in her swing so I could edit in my production studio, taking regular breaks for feeding, changing and an occasional walk.  Oh, and dinner would be on the table when my husband got home.  I mean, stay at home moms just watch soaps and eat potato chips, right?

Reality check.  It was the first week home with Genevieve.  I finally had a live model to practice new techniques with!  Well, there’s a reason photographers have mom sit 10 feet away from the baby and relax when getting newborn portraits done.  I was sore from having a baby, sweating profusely in my warm studio space, and she was screaming because she smelled my milk.

Fast forward to her one month photos.  My husband came home to her crying while I kneeled over her with my camera with my boobs out, dangle feeding in between shots.  I looked like a whole new level of crazy.  Luckily, he just laughed at me.  But I got one great portrait and that’s all that matters!

Evie’s one month portrait

So it turns out motherhood hasn’t yet become yoga and a structured business life.  I’m usually in pajamas until 1 or 2 when I manage to get her to nap for 30 minutes.  When my husband gets home, he usually finds me dancing around trying to keep the baby entertained.  Then, if I’m lucky, I get to sneak away from the baby for the first time in 12 hours to shower while he makes us dinner.  Around 9pm, after Genevieve is asleep, I actually get around to that business stuff.  

I have the best intentions to start blogging regularly.  Bare with me.  My sanity tends to get in the way of such things.  But life is starting to get a little more routine.  Genevieve is almost 6 months old (what???), my husband is becoming a great cook, and my blog just might catch up!