May 21, 2022

Summer Sprinkler Family Pictures

These summer sprinkler family pictures are everything I love about family photography.  Authentic connection, candid fun, genuine smiles and reactions.  It just makes my mama heart happy.  When our mid-May session unexpectedly was in the high 90s, I had the Hartleys come over for their session since my lilac bushes were pushed into their gorgeous blooms from the heat and we could cool off in my sprinkler.  It turned out so great!

I have so many families that ask me about coordinating outfits, and give me warnings about how their toddler has a hard time taking directions (just so you know, they all do!).  Here’s the thing.  If we wait until we all look like we stepped out of a J.Crew catalog, with children that look and smile at the camera at the same time with no sass…the photos are never going to happen.  And childhood is just too fleeting to let that get in the way of family pictures!  All you have to do is show up.  Your kids don’t have to behave like little angels, your clothes don’t have to be perfectly matched…and as you can see here, if it’s hotter than Hades outside, I’ll just invite you to my own backyard to play in the sprinkler.  They are only little for a couple years.  Photograph them being their silly kid selves!  If you love the idea of a relaxed family session with your family just being themselves, contact me.  I’m scheduling summer sprinkler family pictures for June and July right now, or we can do something else like splash around at the beach (see the Leitzen’s at the beach here) or I can just photograph your kids playing in the backyard with their mud kitchens (like my own kiddos here).