September 23, 2022

Wedding Details – What to expect

Let’s talk wedding detail photos!  I start out every wedding day with time set aside to focus on these little details of your ensemble.  Your wedding day goes by quick, and your memory fades faster than you realize, so I think it is so important to make sure these little parts of your outfit that were so carefully selected are documented.  20 years from now, 50 years from now, you will be so glad you had these pictures in your album as you reminisce about your wedding day.

Sometimes when I say “details” people don’t exactly know what I mean, so I decided to make a nice little reference post for my clients and for anyone else out there planning their wedding day.

So what exactly are the details?  The bits and baubles.  Your jewelry, shoes, special tokens.  This is the time I take those iconic hanging dress pictures, arrange a lay-flat of your invitation suite, and make sure all your accessories have their little moment in the spotlight.  It is best to have all of these items in one spot ready for me when I arrive.  Setting everything in your shoebox works great!

Details List Must Haves:

  • Dress (pretty hanger optional but encouraged)
  • Shoes
  • Rings, including your engagement ring, wedding band and don’t forget your spouse’s ring, too!
  • Jewelry, including earrings, necklace, bracelets
  • Invitation Suite
  • Bouquet
  • Family mementos such as special handkerchiefs or brooches that you will be wearing

Don’t forget groom details!

  • Tie and pocket square
  • Tie tack and cufflinks
  • Shoes
  • Boutonniere

Less common, but still great to have:

  • Perfume bottle
  • Decorative ring boxes or dish
  • Book of vows or notes to each other
  • Some extra flowers from your florist are always nice to have on hand for these detail shots!

Let’s break it down a bit, shall we?  Because who wants to worry about having all this stuff in one spot for the photographer without really knowing why?  Let’s start with the dress.  You have spent hours searching for the perfect one.  You paid bookoo bucks.  Taking the time to scope out the right spot, get the lighting right, etc is actually really helpful for me to set the tone of your image story. Plus, it gives you time to finish up with hair and makeup.

Next up is the invitation suite.  I almost always get this set up next.  I can really focus on the design that you have painstakingly chosen, and setting up all of your other details with your stationery gives me a chance to see what we’re working with so I know what can’t be missed. This is where those extra stems of flowers from your florist come in handy!  Some photographers bring their own blank backdrop for these and accessories like ribbons and things.  I think that’s a gorgeous way to work, but I choose to use what is available in the space.  Sometimes it’s using the hotel curtain like the image below, or utilizing interesting furniture.  If you want more of a curated look, we can work together to make sure we have what you need for that, too!

The SHOES.  Because shoes are probably the second most thought of part of your wedding look.  I like using the shoes in other setups as well, but it’s fun to let them be the main focus.

And now…the baubles.  So many brides think they don’t have anything other than rings to give me until I start asking about earrings, necklaces, etc.  Oftentimes there are sentimental heirlooms incorporated. I love making sure all the pretties get photographed!

And finally, don’t forget the groom’s details!  It might just be a watch and tie, but they deserve to be documented. Plus, we can incorporate with the other details if there’s only a few items.