October 22, 2021

Weddings at The Merrill | Muscatine Weddings

If you are like me, you have been very excited about weddings at The Merrill in downtown Muscatine.  My husband’s hometown is Muscatine, so we’ve been eagerly watching the renovations going on downtown and it’s so wonderful to see investment happening in such a cute downtown district.  Brianna and Zach’s summer wedding was one of the first weddings at The Merrill I’ve gotten to be a part of.  It was so breathtaking with it’s panoramic views of the Mississippi!

Brianna and Zach were good friends for a long time before they dated.  I love how much that comfort level and acceptance to be their true selves shines through.  They told me they were most looking forward to being married (hello, another pandemic reschedule) and the party.  I think you will see from the photos of the reception that they got the party they dreamed of!

Gosh, 2021 wedding season has really been an historical one for me.  After a year of extra time with my little family and getting to refocus back to my intentions and goals, 2021 hit me like a ton of bricks.  Newly scheduled weddings, rescheduled Covid weddings, cancelled weddings…it’s kept me on my toes as a small business owner.  Through it all, I have zero horror stories.  My clients are the best.  In a field that has a really high dropout rate from the burnout from stress, crazy clients, unappreciation, I feel just so lucky that I’ve never had any wedding or client make me feel like I can’t do this anymore.  When the stress of juggling raising small humans and building a business gets to start feeling like too much, it’s my clients that remind me why I love this work so much.  This wedding was one of those weddings!  Brianna and Zach put their trust in me fully.  I hope their photos show that!

Venue: The Merrill Hotel

Floral: Flowers on the Avenue

Gown: Sarah’s Bridal Gallery 

Hair and Makeup: AnewU Salon and Spa, Beauty by Juls at J Spa